1. Adequation and preparation of metal and metal-ceramic starting powders Control of the metal and metal-ceramic powders coloidal chemistry. Suspensions formulation. Metal-ceramic suspensions granulation. Processing of powders with highly dispersed phases.

2. Shaping of metal-ceramic bulk materials. Powders packing through optimised powder-metallugic and colloidal techniques. Sintering of bulks. Microstructural and mechanical characterization (corrosion behaviour, oxidation and wear).

3. Design and processing of laminates and coatings metal-ceramic composites Laminated structures processing by colloidal techniques. Sintering. Microstructural and mechanical characterization.

4. Surface functionalization of metal-ceramics. Synthesis of biomaterials and opto-electronic coatings. Electroconducted assembly of organised nanostructures in Ti substrates. Surface difussion treatments on Fe and Ti substrates.